Sidewalk sings the praises of “Small Pond” …

Sidewalk is right around the corner (passes and tickets here) and programmer Rachel Morgan has written a write-up on “Small Pond” in the festival program that left us blushing from ear to ear …

Kirsten works the bare minimum hours possible at Shakespeare’s Pizza in college town Columbia, Missouri. Most of the rest of her time she spends dragging around the local bars or sleeping. Being lost between college days and the realities of making a living is funny when it’s someone else’s roommate.

Small Pond presents a hilarious and authentic portrait of a character we have all known and maybe some have even been. However, the film is more than just a montage of drunken antics. Josh Slates has directed an intensely entertaining, super funny and remarkably sincere homage to the exemplary indie films of the early 1990’s. The film features some brilliant surprising moments, at least one of which is sure to go down in indie cinema history. Not unlike its lead character, Small Pond somehow manages to be consistently surprising and wholly entertaining. A great film to watch with a beer or six.

– Rachel Morgan

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