A wonderful write-up on “Small Pond” …

… courtesy of Joe Tropea, from the Maryland Film Festival website:

Some people need a kick in the face before they realize it’s time to grow up. Twenty-something Kirsten (Hari Leigh) is one of those people. She’s a rudderless hipster working minimal hours at a pizza-and-beer joint. She isn’t exactly a bad person, but a little of her goes a long way. To her put-upon roommate, Katie (Amy Seimetz), she’s a nightmare who drinks and eats everything in the house; after all, doing her own shopping would require too much forethought. Even Kirsten’s best friend Mike (Josh Fadem) is growing weary of her dip-shitted aimlessness. As summer drags on in her emptied-out college town, Kirsten tries in vain to fight the inevitable boredom and figure out what to do with her life between beers. Then a hit of nitrous oxide helps her figure it out.

Baltimore transplant Josh Slates has staked his claim on dialogue-driven, satiric short films. His feature debut is a sincere coming-of-age story with enough laughs to catch you off guard. Small Pond is an unabashed love letter to his hometown of Columbia, Missouri, where the rent, beer, and part-time jobs are cheap—like the way Baltimore used to be. It’s also worth noting solid lead performances by Hari Leigh and Amy Seimetz, plus an appearance by ’80s club staple and Bongwater vocalist Ann Magnuson. (Joe Tropea)

Maryland Film Festival Screening Dates and Times!

We’re pleased to announce the dates and times when “Small Pond” will be screening as part of its world premiere at the Maryland Film Festival.

Director Josh Slates, producer Kim Sherman and cast members Hari Leigh, Susan Burke and Josh Fadem are all currently slated to be in attendance at the festival as well (in addition to many local Baltimore crew members and some last-minute surprise guests) …

7:30 PM
Saturday, May 7th

11:30 AM
Sunday, May 8th

Charles Theatre
1711 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

The full schedule and on-line ticketing will soon be available at http://www.md-filmfest.com/festival-2011.cfm … see you in May!

“Small Pond” to world premiere at the 2011 Maryland Film Festival!

You heard it here first … “Small Pond” will be making its long-awaited world premiere this May in Baltimore at the Maryland Film Festival with director Josh Slates and cast members Hari Leigh, Susan Burke and Josh Fadem in attendance!